MA in Research for Policy and Evaluation (MRPE)

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Program Information

The MA in Research for Policy and Evaluation (MRPE) is a one-year (three term) Professional Master's program with an emphasis on developing social science research skills that can be applied to policy and program development and evaluation. Graduates are able to apply their knowledge in a variety of settings, including government, not-for-profit, and private sectors. 

Through courses and a four-month internship, the program focuses on collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and communicating research for practical applications.  The emphasis is on developing quantitative and qualitative research skills for practical applications outside of academia.  We aim to build an inclusive student body in terms of background and perspective, including a blend of recent graduates and those drawn from the workforce.

MRPE Admission Requirements

  • An undergraduate degree or equivalent in any Social Science discipline.

  • A strong academic history with a minimum B average achieved during the two most recent years of academic study (some consideration will be given to equivalent work experience on a case-by-case basis).

  • Online application.

  • Unofficial post-secondary institution(s) transcripts. One copy of official/certified transcripts will be required if applicants receive an admissions offer.

  • Professional resumé (two page maximum).

  • Two reference letters, with at least one from an academic referee.

  • A strong level of English proficiency.

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MRPE Degree Requirements

The MA in Research for Policy and Evaluation degree is a three term (one year) program consisting of 5.0 full course equivalents.

Course Requirements:

  • 3.0 full course equivalent (FCE) credits:
    • MRPE 9100 Research Design (0.5 fall)
    • MRPE 9200 Quantitative Research Methods and Data Collection (0.5 fall)
    • MRPE 9400 Qualitative Research Methods and Data Collection (0.5 fall)
    • MRPE 9300 Statistics (0.5 winter)
    • MRPE 9500 Knowledge Mobilisation (0.5 winter)
    • MRPE 9600 Evidence-Based Policy Making and Program Evaluation (0.5 winter)
  • 1.0 full graduate course equivalents from within the Faculty of Social Science
    • Students will also complete 2 half course (0.5) equivalent electives from a list of approved courses for the program (e.g., content-relevant courses, advanced methods courses)
  • 1.0 full course equivalent:
    • MRPE 9700 Internship Prep Course (0.5 fall/winter)
    • MRPE 9900 Internship (0.5 spring/summer)

Tuition & Fees

For information on tuition and fees for the program please refer to the Office of the Registrar

Graduate Student Affordability Calculator

Please note that the calculator is not a promise of funding, nor a place to access scholarship support or financial aid; it is intended to provide an accurate estimate of how much money is required to pay tuition, fees, housing, food, and other necessities for a 12-month (three term) academic year.


Students are eligible for the MRPE Program Bursary valued at $6,000 each and are awarded to students who demonstrate financial need.  There are 6 bursaries available (2 for International students and 4 for Domestic students).  The bursary will be divided between the first and second term. Applications are completed on-line through the Western Student Centre portal.  Applications open mid-August.

MRPE Students are also eligible for SOGS Bursaries which are awarded each term (Fall, Winter, Summer)  to full-time members of the Society of Graduate Students who have demonstrated financial need.  Information on these can be found on the SOGS website.

Domestic students may also consider applying for the Graduate Work Study Program.  Details of this program can be found on the Registrar’s website. Applications open late August.


For more information regarding the program please contact Leha Huffman, Administrative Officer of NEST at 519-661-2111 ext. 88204 or by email at

NEST is located on the 6th floor of the Social Science Centre. 

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