Student & Alumni Testimonials

Riley McLaughlin"I entered the MRPE program after an undergrad in sociology and I am so grateful for where it’s taken me. I was attracted to the hands on aspect of the program as well as the experience I would get from the internship from May-August. Most importantly, being in the MRPE program introduced me to the nonprofit sector and the important work that is done there. I spent my summer working with The Mosaic Institute in Toronto researching inequities related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, I work at United for Literacy as part of their fundraising team. I would have never expected to be in a role like this before applying to the MRPE program, but I find it incredibly rewarding and hope to continue with nonprofit work in the future.”

Riley McLaughlin – 2021-22 Cohort

Tayler Mizzi"Throughout the course of the year, the MRPE program has given me opportunities to fully dive into a fully encapsulating approach to research. The courses themselves allow you to emerge your learnings into different aspects of conducting and analyzing research. The smaller cohort allowed for collaboration between my peers and my professors, and made for a fulfilling experience. From traditional understandings of qualitative and quantitative research, to research design, knowledge mobilization and program evaluation, I was able to deeply enhance the skills I learned in my undergraduate degree in a more hands-on and realistic environment. Furthering on that, the internship aspect of MRPE has been an incredible opportunity to expose myself to research in the real world and really put the tools I learned in action. This program has created exciting opportunities for future work in a very interdisciplinary manner!"

Tayler Mizzi – 2022-23 Cohort